Structural Steel
AM&G offers structural steel reinforcement and replacement including welding done by NYC certified welders. Shop drawings are prepared by AM&G engineers for approval by the building owners’ consultant.  
AM&G owns and operates its own structural steel shop so all steel members are fabricated in-house. That means we have control over delivery, which gives us an advantage over other firms when it comes to scheduling.

Some of the steel products we handle are i-beams, angles, decking, channels—everything required for a complete restoration of a structure. AM&G even carries many of these pieces in stock, so we don’t incur any extra lead-time in fabrication. We just prime, paint, and go.

Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel
Sheet metal includes roofing, flashing, cornices, and other elements as required by an architect or engineer. The materials used for the custom fabrications of sheet metal elements are copper, lead-coated copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel. AM&G’s metal shop is equipped with the newest tools and equipment, and we can make or customize make any piece required for the job. AM&G’s sheet metal workers are experts, and can also 
fabricate unique trim and decorative elements, and ornamental steel pieces like gates, balcony railings, terraces railings, and window guards.

Copper Sheet Metal Cornice

Structural steel work

AM&G’s Metal Services
Our steel shop stocks or fabricates many of the basic elements needed for full structural restoration including:

• Gates
• Skylights
• Fire Escapes
• Stairs
• Walkways
• Steel Bar
• Columns
• Bars

• Curbing
• Flashings
• Gutters & Leaders
• Copings
• Facias
• Anchors
• Angles

• Chimneys

• Railings
• Gratings
• Guards
• Ladders
• Pitch Pockets
• Pins
• Lintels

• Beams
• Joists
• Girders
• Hardware & Masonry
• Reinforcement Bars

• Architectural Detail
• Ornamental Metal