The goal of roofing is simple: keep the vertical surfaces of a building watertight. But the process is often complicated. There are many types of roofing. AM&G is certified and trained to install the full range of roofing systems, from conventional roofing (asphalts and felts using product lines from John Mansville, Siplast, and GAF), to contemporary systems like EPDM roofing (single ply), Liquid Membrane (liquid applied systems by Firestone), Liquid Plastics, and Kemper. 

AM&G has experience installing various roofing systems on surfaces from main roofs, terraces and balconies, to large plazas and pool areas. These systems are designed to handle New York’s varying weather conditions, and come with warranties that vary from 10 to 30 years, depending on the product and manufacturer.

“AM&G has several crews that specialize in roofing systems. These workers have been with us for many years.”

Roofing systems in New York are often high-traffic areas like patios, roof decks, and pools. And the “through penetration” from the mechanical equipment in a building—air conditioners, air chillers, vents, drains and chimneys—can cause water damage. It’s vital to use a contractor who knows how to install a roof properly. It’s also essential to select the right roofing system. Our experience with so many types of roofing systems has helped AM&G become one of the leaders in roofing restoration in New York City.

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