New York’s architecture is unique; the look and style, the elegance, is unlike any other city. Restoration is the art of preserving this priceless architecture, while enhancing the building’s exterior waterproofing and roofing systems—always respecting the intent of the original architect.

One of the greatest challenges of restoration is in the area of materials. Many of the building materials available today were simply not available 80 or 90 years ago. Science has made them more efficient and durable, and we use these products in our projects while matching them to the structure’s original appearance. Whether a building is prewar or contemporary, AM&G’s focus is on maintaining the integrity of the building’s façade and appearance.

“Look and appearance is what makes these buildings unique—their timelessness, their style. It’s what makes New York, New York.”

The restoration process requires us to remove old materials that may have failed over the years, and install new materials. We may unearth building materials over 100 years old, or take the ornamental elements apart, fix them, and put them back together. At AM&G restoration is an art that requires skill, knowledge, and experience.

Riverdale Houses

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