Since its inception, AM&G has emphasized the importance of safety. In a time where construction site problems have taken center stage, we can claim a safety record second to none. AM&G has two New York City certified site safety managers on staff whose job it is to check all job sites and ensure that every job follows the highest safety standards.

Our superior safety record means our clients’ liabilities are kept to a minimum. We keep our record intact by making sure all our equipment is up to par with the latest city requirements including permits, PE drawings, DOB approvals, Landmark approvals, and DOT approvals.

We are particularly proud of our annual safety seminar which we use to launch the construction season at AM&G. All AM&G staff members are required to take our annual two day Job Safety Seminar. We make sure our team is up to date on the latest practices and requirements, particularly in the area of scaffolding assembly.

Scaffold Security: A High Priority
AM&G’s scaffolding designs are submitted and approved to the city prior to the start of any work. Our two site safety supervisors are certified to oversee the design, assembly, and maintenance of all scaffolding. From the beginning of the job to completion, all aspects of our work are checked by these site safety managers on a daily basis, including equipment, daily safety processes, and employee certification.

AM&G’s Annual Safety Seminar

Pipe scaffolding being erected

Safety Matters at AM&G:

• AM&G has been Awarded the Accident Control
Engineering Award by the State Insurance Fund
-.of New York

• AM&G has been Certified by the New York
-.Department of Buildings to Administer Scaffold
-.Certification Classes (a 16 hour class)

• AM&G has a New York City Certified Site Safety
-.Officer on Staff