We provide several services to help a building’s owners and consultants in the necessary restoration of property by providing them with investigations and probes. This enables consultants and owners to make sure all conditions worth noting are revealed, investigated, and cataloged. Our goal in investigation and probes is to make sure there are no surprises later.

Before a project begins, we offer the consultant and architect services like swing scaffolding, roof probes, façade probes, stone removals, and asbestos investigation so they can examine hidden conditions.

We provide, as required by law, shop drawings for the erection of equipment that the architect needs to gain access for his investigation.  At AM&G we do everything it takes at the design stage of a project to make sure the full scope of work has been revealed.

We reveal hidden conditions so a project can proceed with confidence.

Case Study: Emergency Scaffolding

One of AM&G’s clients had a near-disaster when a large brick panel fell from the side of a building. Within hours, AM&G dispatched a team of scaffold workers and mobilized a company to install bridges around the building to protect pedestrians. AM&G then set scaffolds around the building for the architect’s inspection of the façade, and for use in his subsequent design recommendations. The whole area was secured with bridges within a week, and the site was safe before any further damage was done.